North Burleigh Juniors has created and embraced  our own “PRIDE” motto:

Our club motto “PRIDE”  focuses on Respect, Participation and inclusiveness:

To encourage our juniors and parents to wholly participate in our program on the beach, in the water and Competition so all our members come together to give the children the best possible outcomes.

Ensure our children understand and learn that being respectful to their peers, parents and other members of the community are values required to develop quality friendships, as they become young adults.

Create an environment where all members feel a part of the North Burleigh Nipper Family. Embracing all the unique qualities of the members so the children understand the importance of mate ship and harmony.

To provide opportunities for the children to develop the necessary skills to be safe in the aquatic environment and further develop the necessary skills that will provide a solid platform to compete at the highest levels all with a safe and fun philosophy.

To encourage all members to accomplish all tasks with positive energy and commitment. This is for the benefit of all our children’s development through the age groups so they can become valued members of the community.

Come and join North Burleigh Nippers and be part of our amazing program.

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